Please call ahead for availability-this is a list of kegs that we stock,
 however Inventory availability can vary!!
Also, don't see your favorite keg here, call us and we will get 
it for you!!!!
Sampling Dates

1/4 Kegs
 (Quarter or Pony)
Contains about 80 12oz Servings
Weight = 85lbs

Coors Light                   $67.99
Miller Lite                      $63.99
Yuengling Lager           $67.99
Yuengling Lager Light  $67.99
Bell's Two Hearted     $132.99
Lagunitas IPA             $109.99
Founder's All Day IPA $111.99
Corona Light                $93.99
Peroni                           $95.99

We will special order your favorite keg!

all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit
1/6 Kegs 
Contains about 53 12oz Servings
Weight = 60lbs 

Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA                $117.99
Neshaminy Creek County IPA     sale   $69.99
Allagash White                                     $94.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA                         $105.99
Oskar Blue's Dales Pale Ale                $74.99
Blue Moon Belgian White                     $78.99
Hoegaarden White (Euro tap)                      $89.99
Landshark Lager                                  $52.99
Magic Hat #9                                        $76.99
Victory Hopdevil                                   $83.99
Victory Lager                                        $83.99
Yard's Philly Pale Ale                           $75.99
Yard's IPA                                             $75.99
Yard's Brawler                                      $75.99
Shock Top Belgian White   (SALE)       $49.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale                        $75.99
Troeg's Perpetual IPA                           $91.99
​Kona Big Wave                                     $75.99
Stella Artois  (american sankee)                   $81.99
New Belgium Fat Tire                            $79.99
New Belgium Ranger IPA                      $79.99
New Belgium Citradelic                         $79.99
​Sly Fox Helles Lager                             $71.99
Brooklyn Lager                                     $77.99 
Michelob Ultra            SALE                  $48.99
Victory Storm King Stout                       $96.99
Half Acre Gone Away IPA  (new)         n/a
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA              coming last week of March

We will special order your favorite keg!

all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit
1/2 Kegs
 (Half - the largest keg available)
Contains about 160 12oz Servings
Weight = 170lbs

​Allagash White                        $194.99
Coors Light                             $109.99
Miller Lite                                $109.99
Yuengling Lager                     $109.99
​Rolling Rock                           $71.99
Bud Light                                $92.99
Budweiser​                              $92.99
Natural Light                               $56.99 
Stella Artois (Euro Tap)                   $175.99
Keystone Light     best deal        $56.99 
Molson Canadian                   $115.99
Peroni                                     $176.99
Pabst                                      $69.99
BlueMoon                               $178.99
Corona Light                           $156.99
Guiness                                  $189.99
Dogfish 60 Min IPA                 $199.99
Lagunitas IPA                          $184.99
Sam Adam's Hopscape           $185.99
Sam Adam's Fresh Helles        $185.99
Founder's All Day IPA              $174.99
Sam Adam's Boston Lager      $185.99
Goose Island IPA  (sale)          $136.99
Yard's Brawler                          $171.99
Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA    $235.99
​Bell's 2 Hearted Ale                 $209.99
Saint Benjamin Inca                 $179.99
​Sweet Water IPA                      $185.99

We will special order your favorite keg!

​all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit
We will special order your favorite keg!
We Deliver & will special order your favorite keg
We have Keg Connectors available for sale.
Call  for availability

S European Tap: 
Stella/Heineken/Amstel plus more
U European Tap: 
Harp/Magners/Guiness plus more
A European Tap
 Hoegaarden/Spaten/Chimay plus more
Co2 Tanks are available!!!
2.5lb - 5lb - 20lb
Bar/Tavern pricing available upon request.