Please call ahead for availability-this is a list of kegs that we stock,
 however Inventory availability can vary!!
Also, don't see your favorite keg here, call us and we will get 
it for you!!!!
Sampling Dates

1/4 Kegs
 (Quarter or Pony)
Contains about 80 12oz Servings
Weight = 85lbs

Coors Light                   $67.99
Miller Lite                      $63.99
Yuengling Lager           $67.99
Yuengling Lager Light  $67.99
Corona Light                $93.99
Peroni                           $95.99

Birch Beer - Please call to order

We will special order your favorite keg!

all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit
1/6 Kegs 
Contains about 53 12oz Servings
Weight = 60lbs 
Neshaminy Creek County IPA     sale   $69.99
Neshaminy Creek J.A.W.N. Pale Ale    $69.99
Allagash White                                     $94.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA                         $105.99
Oskar Blue's Dales Pale Ale                $74.99
Blue Moon Belgian White                     $78.99
Hoegaarden White (Euro tap)                      $93.99
Landshark Lager                                  $55.99
Magic Hat #9                                        $76.99​
Victory Lager                                        $83.99
Victory Winter Cheer                            $83.99
Yard's Philly Pale Ale                           $75.99
Yard's IPA                                             $75.99
Yard's Brawler                                      $75.99
Shock Top Belgian White   (SALE)       $49.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale                        $75.99
Sierra Nevada Celebration                   $75.99
​Kona Big Wave                                     $75.99
New Belgium Fat Tire                            $79.99
New Belgium Citradelic                         $79.99
​Sly Fox Helles Lager                             $71.99
Brooklyn Lager                                     $77.99
Michelob Ultra            SALE                  $48.99
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA                           $99.99
Otter Creek Free Flow IPA                    $79.99
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA          $105.99
Sam Adam's Cold Snap                         $79.99
Uinta Hop Nosh IPA                              $79.99
Thomas Hooker No Filter IPA                $/
Troeg's Blizzard of Hops IPA                 $92.99
Victory Mighty Things IPA (Limited Release)     $97.99
Half Acre Gone Away IPA                    $103.99

We will special order your favorite keg!

all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit 
1/2 Kegs
 (Half - the largest keg available)
Contains about 160 12oz Servings
Weight = 170lbs

​Allagash White                        $194.99
Coors Light                             $109.99
Miller Lite                                $109.99
Yuengling Lager                     $109.99
Bud Light                                $92.99
Natural Light                               $56.99 
Stella Artois (Euro Tap)                   $175.99
Keystone Light     best deal        $56.99 
Molson Canadian                   $121.99
Peroni                                     $176.99
Pabst                                      $69.99
BlueMoon                               $178.99
Corona Light                           $156.99
Guiness                                  $189.99
Dogfish 60 Min IPA                  $199.99
Dogfish 90 Min IPA                  $269.99
Lagunitas IPA                          $184.99
Sam Adam's Cold Snap           $185.99
Founder's All Day IPA              $174.99
Sam Adam's Boston Lager      $185.99
Goose Island IPA  (sale)          $139.99
​Bell's 2 Hearted Ale                 $209.99
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed     $219.99

We will special order your favorite keg!

​all prices subject to change without notice
price does not include tax and deposit
We will special order your favorite keg!
We Deliver & will special order your favorite keg
We have Keg Connectors available for sale.
Call  for availability

S European Tap: 
Stella/Heineken/Amstel plus more
U European Tap: 
Harp/Magners/Guiness plus more
A European Tap
 Hoegaarden/Spaten/Chimay plus more
Co2 Tanks are available!!!
2.5lb - 5lb - 20lb
Bar/Tavern pricing available upon request.