Question: What are your case and  keg store hours?
Answer: We are open:
Monday through  Wednesday                        10am – 8pm
Thursday-Friday                                             10am-9pm
Saturday                                                         9am - 9pm
Sunday                                                           11am – 5pm

Question: Are you open on Holidays?
Answer: The simple answer is yes with one exception, we are closed December 25th Christmas Day. All other holidays we are open, however the hours may be different. The best idea is to call 610-459-9669.

Question: How much beer is in a keg?
Answer: Approximately 7 cases to a half keg, 3.5 cases to a quarter keg and 2.5 cases to a sixtel.

Question: How much beer do I need for my party?
Answer: There is no perfect formula that will guarantee you the exact amount of beer. However a simple formula used to determine your approximate beer needs would be: take the total number of guests x 3. Then take that number and divide by 24. That will tell you how many cases of beer you will need. This is used to serve a four to 5 hour event that would also be providing wine and liquor, such as a wedding. Example: 100 guest, 100 x 3 = 300
300 divided by 24 = 12.5 cases of beer.

We suggest buying a few extra cases and storing them in a safe place as back up, if you don’t need them you can enjoy them over the next month or so!

Question: Should I get kegs or cases?
Answer: Everyone has their own preferences; however there are some important distinctions to keep in mind.

1st Going Flat, If you have a keg system for your home, then you run Co2, which keeps oxygen out of your beer (this is a good thing). If you are using a picnic or pump tap you are forcing oxygen into your beer which will cause it to go flat in about 24 hours. Keeping this in mind any beer left over in a keg with a pump tap will go flat, but cases you can enjoy over the next few months or longer.

2nd Weight, Kegs are really heavy and difficult to transport. A half keg can weigh around 160lbs. This can be an issue for moving the beer around your house-basement?  Yes we do offer delivery!

3rd Selection, A half keg will give you only one type of beer. However, you could get up to 7 different cases and have a great variety. Remember, it is really hard to please everybody.

4th Cost, A keg especially several kegs will save you some money over buying cases. However if you are just getting one or two kegs consider buying cans and asking for what is on sale.

5th Deposits, consider your time. The metal keg itself, Tap and tub all have a deposit. You will have to return the keg, tap, and tub to get that money returned to you.

Question: How much are your deposits on a keg?
Answer: Most kegs have a $30.00 deposit on the metal keg, which you will get back when the keg is returned. The tap is $35.00 and the tub is $5.00, you will also get them back when they are returned.  These prices are subject to change to please call ahead of time-610-459-9669.

Question: I got a keg, tap and tub for a party, when does it have to be returned?
Answer: We ask that all taps and tubs be returned within one week so they can be cleaned and ready for the next customer.

Question: Should I get bottles or cans?
Answer: This is a matter of preference, but two important points are: Cans are lighter, easier to carry and easier to dispose of, also cans usually cost a little less than bottles.

Question: Can I buy a case cold and then let it get warm?
Answer: In our opinion you can buy cold beer and let it become room temperature without a problem. What you cannot do is subject you beer to heat or sunlight. It is best to store your beer in a basement or refrigerator away from sunlight.

Question: How long is beer good for?
Answer: It is difficult to answer that question because of the different types of beers. Some have a shelf life of 6 months and some you can age, when properly cared for. It is best to check with the brewery for the recommendations.

Question: We are having a party, but cannot fit everything in our car. Do you deliver?
Answer: Yes we offer local ice delivery and keg delivery. There is a small fee, depending on your location. There is a 3 case minimum and you should call ahead of time and schedule your delivery. 610-459-9669.
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