Kegs and cases available for delivery
We have 40lb, 16lb, & 8 lb of ice
One of our delivery trucks
We Deliver Cases and Kegs!! Call us 610-459-9669
Own a Bar/Restaurant:
We offer delievry for you 6 days a week.  When delivery is not an option you can pick up your order anytime during our normal business hours 7 days a week.  Wholesale prices are available for our tavern/Bar customers that have accounts with us. We can even do same day delivery, just call us by 1pm that day and we will have your order to you as soon as possible.  Ordering a day or more in advance helps to eliminate out of stock issues - but we carry a large amount of cases and kegs at all times.  Tell us what you typically stock and we can build our inventory to meet your needs.  Call us or stop in today and see what we can do for you.

Making your Party Planing  Easier:
We offer deivery for all Occasions.  Delivery is available to your home or office.  We often deliver to weddings, Graduations, Bars, Corporate events, any party you can think of.  We can deliver your beer cold or room temperature from our retail store.  We have tubs and taps to rent, the tubs can be used for cases as well as kegs.  Kegs & cases of beer, , mixers, co2, cigars, plastic cups, cigarettes, ice and snacks are all available for delivery.

Deliveries are scheduled by appointment.  It is best to call ahead, the earlier the better - especially during graduation and wedding season.  There is a 3 case minimium for most local deliveries.  There may be a small fuel fee-depending on size and location of the delivery.  Most local deiliveries are done for as little as $10.  We do not charge extra for the convenience of cold beer, many of our competitors do.  Our last delivery usually leaves our store by 7pm, we can schedule later times in advance and upon request.

A Little History:
D & I Beverages has been servicing South Western Delaware County since 2002. We have a large craft beer section on our floor and in our 11 glass door cooler. Our beer is cold; we keep it set at a refreshing 34 degrees year round. Our glass door cooler is designed to maximize your shopping experience. You can select your favorite brew while shopping outside of the cooler gazing in at a well organized and well lit display.  We have a second, walk-in box used to hold our Domestic and everyday beers like: Coors Light, Miller Lite, Bud, etc...

We pride ourselves on having a  diverse beer and keg store with a fantastic  selection of cold beer to choose from. We also have a lot of ice. We sell 8lb, 16lb and 40lb bags of cubed ice ready for your party needs. We also do ice delivery and keg delivery. Our Kegs are all kept cold in a separate cooler that we call the Keg Cave. In the Keg Cave you will find a large selection of 1/6 kegs (sixtels); Sam Adams, Yard’s, Brooklyn, Flying Fish, Hoegarrden, Shock Top, Blue Moon, Land Shark, and Victory just to name a few. The Keg Cave is kept at 34 degrees and we do not charge anything extra for cold beer. If you need a larger amount of beer for a party or your home bar we a large amount of ½ (halves) in stock as well; Miller Lite, Coors Light, Yuengling Lager, Stella, Guiness, Magic Hat #9,  Bud Light, Keystone Light and Blue Moon are just some of what we have. Please call or stop in and see us, we will gladly order something for you if not currently in stock.
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Keg Delivery From D & I Beverages

  • Large Craft Beer Selection
  • Our beer is chilled to 34 degrees
  • Great Cigar Selection
  • Lots of instant Lotto to select from
  • We sell Ice - 8lb, 16lb, 40lb bag
  • Delivery is available
  • Fantastic selection of kegs!
Come in and see us today!!
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